Fabian Hemmert is a design professor, driven by the belief that we shouldn't sacrifice our humanness for the sake of technology.

Why you should listen

Fabian Hemmert's passion is designing experiences that help people to unfold their potential: on stage, in the lab and in the classroom. He's convinced that technology and humanness don't have to be at odds: what makes us human should shape how we interact with technology. Learn more about this from his 2018 TEDxBerlin Talk.

As a speaker, Hemmert loves to deliver transformative talks that give his audience glimpses into possible futures. As a researcher, he develops new ways of how we interact with technology. As a design professor at the University of Wuppertal's Industrial Design department, he loves to help his students discover their creative powers. Previously, he worked at Nintendo, Marvel Comics and Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs. 

What others say

“Cellphones, whether they be smart or dumb, are pretty amazing things -- but they're pretty lifeless things, too. Design researcher Fabian Hemmert thinks that our gadgets could move us a little more if only they could, well, move” — Engadget

Fabian Hemmert’s TED talk