Evan Williams is the co-founder of Twitter, the addictive messaging service that connects the world 140 characters at a time.

Why you should listen

Evan Williams helps the world answer the question "What are you doing?" Twitter, the tiny, free world-changing app Williams helped launch, has become a vital connector of people and communities (as well as a fantastic way to keep up with Shaq and Demi Moore).

Before Williams worked on Twitter, he was part of a previous revolution in mass communication, Blogger, while working at Google. He left Google in 2004 to launch the podcasting service Odeo, and Twitter spun out from this in 2006 as a side project based on an idea of Jack Dorsey's.

What others say

“Williams has a knack for figuring out how people want to keep in touch—even before they seem to know it themselves.” — BusinessWeek

Evan Williams’ TED talk

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Live from TED

Evan Grant in the Bing Innovation Lounge at TEDActive

February 24, 2010

One of the social spaces featured at TEDActive (the intimate TED simulcast held in Palm Springs) was a lounge packed with interactive, technology-driven artwork and sponsored by Bing. We’ll be posting a series of awesome shorts by an attendee who captured some of the pieces and spoke to the artists who made them. Via the […]

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