Erik Hersman harnesses Africa’s boundless spirit of innovation by creating platforms to improve daily lives both inside and outside the continent.

Why you should listen

Hersman is the CEO of BRCK, a rugged, self-powered, mobile Wi-Fi device that connects people and things to the Internet in areas of the world with poor infrastructure. He leads a number of web and mobile projects through organizations including iHub, a Nairobi community center that’s an epicenter for Kenya’s booming tech industry. The mobile app Ushahidi, which he co-developed, allows users to share breaking news through text messaging and continues to revolutionize and empower journalists, watchdog groups and everyday people around the world.

What others say

“I recently watched a talk about a new online tool called Ushahidi (Kenyan for "witness") and the great value of donating time and knowledge on a global scale. It further confirmed for me that there is a solution to the problems facing the less fortunate: Compassion is the answer.” — Aloe Blacc, WP

Erik Hersman’s TED talk

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