Eric Liu is working to spark a civic revival in the US and beyond.

Why you should listen

Eric Liu says that "I write, speak, teach and create joyful programs to spread the belief that a strong democracy requires strong citizens."

As the founder and CEO of Citizen University, Liu working to spark a civic revival in the US and beyond. As he tells it: "I've served in government, from the White House to the Seattle Public Library Board. I've been a leader in people-powered movements for gun reform, a 15-dollar minimum wage and better civic education. I've written books about democracy, power and race.

"Now I run a nonprofit called Citizen University to foster a stronger culture of civic responsibility. Our team works with people from the left and right to teach civic power and cultivate civic character -- and to remind people that democracy works only if most people believe democracy works."

Liu is the author of You're More Powerful than You Think and Become America.

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