Emma Schachner

Comparative anatomist, paleontologist
Comparative anatomist and paleontologist Emma Schachner wants to know everything about the anatomy and evolution of reptiles and bird lungs: how they became so complex, why they have so many secondary functions and what role they played in their diversification and success.

Why you should listen

As an anatomy professor at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Emma Schachner's research uses an interdisciplinary approach to study the soft tissue and skeletal anatomy of a broad range of animals including alligators, chameleons, parrots and ostriches. She uses these data to reconstruct the biology of extinct reptiles, particularly dinosaurs and the fossil ancestors of crocodilians. She also specializes in the 3D digital modeling of anatomy from CT and MR images as well as scientific illustration, which merges anatomy, art and scientific communication.

Schachner lives in New Orleans with her two rescued pit bull mixes and insta-famous canine overlords: Mila of Troy and Augustus of the Velvet Legions.

Emma Schachner’s TED talk