Ed Gavagan was walking down the street in downtown Manhattan when he was the victim of a gang assignment to kill a random stranger. He lives to tell the amazing story.

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Ed Gavagan is the owner of PraxisNYC, a design firm specializing in boutique residences and aimed at designing for sustainability, habitability, durability and beauty. In 2007 Gavagan told the story “Drowning on Sullivan Street” at the Moth, the series devoted to stories told live without notes, about his near-death experience on the streets of New York as the victim of a gang initiation rite. His stories have been heard on NPR and the Moth podcast, and he has appeared onstage with the Moth in events across the U.S. Gavagan lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

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The full epic of Ed Gavagan

September 21, 2012

[ted id=1566] Today’s talk is about surviving a brutal attack, and the extraordinary skill of the surgeons who saved Ed Gavagan’s life. It’s a remarkable story, but there is much more to it. Ed originally told part of the story at The Moth, a wonderful group devoted to true stories, told live on stage. In […]

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