Drew Curtis is the founder and administrator of Fark.com.

Why you should listen

In 1993, while a student in England, Drew Curtis began sending links to his friends. Over time that grew until he founded a website for the links: Fark.com. The site has now grown into one of the largest, and most irreverant, news aggregators on the web.

Along with managing Fark.com, Curtis speaks on behalf of other entrepreneurs targeted by "patent trolls" -- an epithet for companies or law firms that file aggressive, broad patent lawsuits against other companies.

Download a .zip file of Drew Curtis and Fark's court documents >>

Drew Curtis’ TED talk

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Since the Talk

Drew Curtis of Fark.com is running for governor of Kentucky. How a TED Talk inspired his campaign—and why he hopes it’ll inspire you too

February 19, 2015

Drew Curtis is not a politician. The curator of Fark.com, the legendary online community of news jokes and funny Photoshops, he proudly proclaims this fact on homepage of his latest website. This declaration is only surprising because, just a few inches above, the intention of the website is revealed: “Drew Curtis for Governor.” See, politics […]

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