Doug Roble has found a career combining the things he loves: math, computers, movies and imagination.

Why you should listen

Doug Roble has really only had one job in his life. After getting his PhD in Computer Science from the Ohio State University in 1992, he joined Digital Domain, a visual effects production company. Once there, he found a unique place where art and technology collide. Now he builds new tools for artists to use and they, in turn, use the tools in surprising and unexpected ways. The feedback loop between art and science is completely addicting. And, the byproduct of this are movies that the whole world enjoys.

Roble's work outside Digital Domain reflects this passion. He was the Editor and Chief of the Journal of Graphics tools for more than five years. He's currently the Chair of the Motion Picture Academy's Sci/Tech Awards and a member of the Academy's Sci/Tech Council. And two of the tools he's built over the years have won Sci/Tech Academy Awards themselves.

Doug Roble’s TED talk

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