The director of the award-winning documentary The War Tapes, Deborah Scranton is committed to using new technology to give people power to tell their own stories.

Why you should listen

Filmmaker Deborah Scranton helps real people tell compelling, honest stories. Her 2006 documentary The War Tapes put cameras in the hands of National Guard troops stationed in Camp Anaconda, in Iraq. Through their raw footage and diaries, they brought home a truth that we at home would never otherwise know about what one soldier calls "the war for cheese."

Scranton has also created the TV documentary Stories from Silence, Witness to War, which tells the stories of World War II veterans in living New Hampshire. Her latest film appeared at the 2010 Tribeca film festival. Entitled Earth Made of Glass, the film examines the consequences of the Rwandan genocide on the personal and political level 15 years later. She's currently working on a nonfiction feature film that will, in her words, "tell the US-Mexico immigration and border story from the inside out -- putting cameras in the hands of the Border Patrol ... ranchers who live on the land being crossed, humanitarians who leave water in the desert trying to save lives, coyotes ..."

Deborah Scranton’s TED talk

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