Dayo Ogunyemi

Cultural media builder
As an entrepreneur and investor in film, media and technology, Dayo Ogunyemi reconstructs the image and reality of Africa.

Why you should listen

Over his career, Dayo Ogunyemi has worked as an entrepreneur, investor, music journalist, DJ, producer, entertainment and IP lawyer and strategy consultant. Now he advises, promotes and invests in companies in Africa's creative and entrepreneurial scenes, including startups in technology, fashion and apparel, event production, content aggregation, film production and distribution. 234 Media's portfolio includes mSurvey, Cinemart, Starflix Cinemas, House of Deola Sagoe, Pixaplex and the African Movie Academy Awards. 

Prior to 234 Media, Ogunyemi founded Lexscape, a start-up that used AI and expert system technology to change the consumption and practice of law. He subsequently co-founded Constant Capital, a West African boutique investment bank. Ogunyemi has long been interested in the impact of technology and media on how societies and economies develop, especially in Africa, stemming back to 1991 when he founded Naijanet (the first Nigerian online community) as a freshman at MIT.

Dayo Ogunyemi’s TED talk