Dave Perry is the visionary game designer behind some of the most beloved titles of the past two decades — Earthworm Jim, MDK, Messiah, and game adaptations of films such as Terminator and The Matrix.

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David Perry is the mind behind such famed video games as Earthworm Jim (in which a bionic suit-clad worm saves the galaxy), Messiah (in which a rogue cherub hijacks creatures' bodies to defeat sin), and best-selling game adaptations of movies like Disney's Aladdin, Terminator and The Matrix. He has designed tie-ins for international brands such as 7-Up and McDonald's, and now works on a group of massively multiplayer online titles for Acclaim.

A programmer since childhood and a lifelong gamer, Perry has a special understanding of the mechanics that make games fresh, fun, emotionally involving -- and addictive. A sense of humor and a visionary outlook make him a sought-after adviser in the industry, and he also heads several websites on the art and business of game development, including GameConsultants.com, GameInvestors.com and the Game Industry Map.

David Perry founded the game software developer Gaikai in 2008 and now works for Sony, which acquired Gaikai and is leading the development of the Sony PlayStation 4.

David Perry’s TED talk

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