David Macaulay gets under the skins of skyscrapers, mosques, pyramids, subways, and a host of other ancient and modern marvels. His lavish and micro-detailed renderings expose the world's secret engineering to dazzled readers of all ages.

Why you should listen

David Macaulay's exploratory renderings of architectural marvels throughout history have captivated children and adults alike. With crystal clear drawings and insightful text, Macaulay takes his readers inside these structures, illuminating not just the engineering prowess of the builders, but also their daily lives -- from the rulers and engineers down to the peasants hauling the bricks.

Among Macaulay's many awards is a Caldecott Medal for his book Black and White. He has produced an acclaimed 5-part PBS series (and companion book) Building Big, which reveals the engineering wonders of the biggest of the big. His classic work The Way Things Work (and its new edition, The New Way Things Work), was on the New York Times bestseller list for 50 weeks. He is an illustration instructor at his alma mater, the Rhode Island Institute of Design.

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What others say

“David Macaulay could be called the Mr. Wizard of architectural history. In 23 books over three decades, his arresting pen-and-ink illustrations have explored everything from the construction of ancient pyramids to the subterranean systems that support a modern metropolis.” — Jeremy Kahn, New York Times

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