David Kwong creates illusions for films and TV, and makes verbal magic as a crossword puzzle maker for the New York Times.

Why you should listen

As a magician and crossword puzzle constructor, David Kwong mixes puzzles and prestidigitation. With a background in film (and a Harvard degree in the history of magic), he's the founder of the Misdirectors Guild, an elite group of magicians that specialize in illusion for film, television and theater (they're working right now on Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man). Kwong created the illusions for the 2013 hit film Now You See Me, about a gang of street magicians caught up in a crime caper.
He is a frequent crossword writer for the New York Times, often collaborating with his friend Kevan Choset. His puzzles are marked by clever, outside-the-grid thinking -- and sometimes a dash of magic. He also produces Deception on ABC, a crime drama about a magician who joins the FBI. Check out his talk on the science of illusion.

David Kwong’s TED talk

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