The creator of emotional, immersive games like "Heavy Rain," "BEYOND: Two Souls" and "Detroit: Become Human," David Cage uses games to push the boundaries of storytelling.

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Today, storytelling is all around us, but more and more people don't want to be spectators anymore -- they want to be actors of their own fiction. From social networks to interactive TV, virtual reality to immersive theatre, interactive storytelling is the next frontier for a new generation of writers.

Many people have preconceived ideas about video games, and sometimes they are right. But few people know that games can also be a wonderful creative medium capable of telling a new kind of narrative. In most art forms, the audience is watching passively. With interactive storytelling, the spectator becomes the hero of his own story.

David Cage dedicated his career to trying to understand how to tell interactive stories. Convinced that games can be more than entertainment, he tries to show that they can be a new form of expression, maybe even a new form of art, capable of emulating the interactive nature of life itself.

David Cage’s TED talk

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