Danielle Citron writes, speaks and teaches her academic loves: privacy, free speech and civil rights. Through her work with privacy organizations, she also puts these ideas into practice.

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As a law professor, Danielle Citron puts her commitment to civil rights into practice. She is vice president of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a nonprofit combatting privacy-invading online abuse that undermines civil rights and civil liberties.

When Citron began addressing cyber harassment ten years ago, it was commonly believed that it was "no big deal," and that any legal response would "break the internet." Those attitudes -- and the heartbreaking stories of victims who were terrorized, silenced and economically damaged -- drove Citron to write her 2014 book, Hate Crimes in Cyberspace. Ever since, she has been working with lawmakers, law enforcers, and tech companies to make online spaces and tools available to all on equal terms. Her latest book project focuses on the importance of sexual privacy and how we should protect it. 

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