Daniel Bögre Udell

Language activist
Daniel Bögre Udell is the cofounder and director of Wikitongues, working with a global network of grassroots linguists to build a seed bank of every language in the world.

Why you should listen

Daniel Bögre Udell's goal is to create a world in which everyone has the resources and the right to keep their language alive. He cofounded Wikitongues in 2014, establishing a global volunteer movement to expand access to language revitalization. Wikitongues helps speakers document and promote their languages online, safeguarding them for the next generation. All their initiatives work to sustain marginalized languages through media, so their language can be shared and taught. They are collecting videos in every language in the world.

Prior to this, Bögre Udell was an active contributor to the nonprofit news initiative Global Voices, cofounding the project's Catalan language edition and translating Catalan articles into English. He has a BFA in design and technology and a master's degree in historical studies from the New School University in New York City. In addition to Urdell's native English, he speaks Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

Daniel Bögre Udell’s TED talk