Daniel Goldstein

Behavioral economist
Daniel Goldstein studies how we make decisions about our financial selves — both now and in the future,

Why you should listen

Daniel Goldstein studies decision-making -- especially how humans make economic and social decisions over the course of our lives, and how we can give ourselves the right incentives, reminders, and rules of thumb to make long-term smart choices rather than short-term fun choices. He runs the blog Decision Science News. Dan is Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, a former professor at London Business School, and member of the academic advisory board of the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK (aka the Nudge Unit). In 2015, he became President of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, the largest academic society in Behavioral Economics.

What others say

“Goldstein is part of a really fascinating band of psychologists interested in heuristics -- that is, mental shortcuts that have the effect of helping us better navigate the world.” — Malcolm Gladwell

Daniel Goldstein’s TED talk