Dan Bricklin

Software pioneer
Dan Bricklin helped fuel the rapid growth of the personal computer industry.

Why you should listen

Dan Bricklin is best known for codeveloping VisiCalc, the pioneering electronic spreadsheet, while he was a student at the Harvard Business School. VisiCalc, codeveloped with his friend Bob Frankston whom he met at MIT, is widely credited for fueling the rapid growth of the personal computer industry.

Bricklin helps create products that make it easier for business people to build mobile applications in his current role as CTO of Alpha Software Corporation. He is also president of Software Garden, Inc., a small consulting firm and developer of software applications that he founded in 1985. Its most popular products are Note Taker HD for the Apple iPad and before that Dan Bricklin's Demo Program for IBM PCs. In the past, Bricklin was cofounder of pen computer application developer Slate Corporation and founder of website builder developer Trellix Corporation.

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