Curtis Wong is manager of Next Media Research for Microsoft, whose focus "spans the linear and interactive media spectrum from television, broadband and gaming to emerging media forms." He's a leader on the WorldWide Telescope project.

Why you should listen

Curtis Wong is manager of Next Media Research for Microsoft. He studies the future of digital media and interactive entertainment -- from TV to broadband to whatever is coming next. As he says, "I think a lot about how different kinds of technology can be used to deliver information and entertainment that people want."

His work on the WorldWide Telescope is dedicated to Microsoft researcher Jim Gray.

What others say

“A lot of educational materials I have seen are very reference-like in nature but not the best way to learn something if you don't already know about the subject since the top two layers of the information pyramid are missing. The first question you should ask is, 'Why should anyone care about this?'” — Curtis Wong interviewed on Futures Channel

Curtis Wong’s TED talk