Courtney E. Martin’s work has two obsessions at its core: storytelling and solutions.

Why you should listen

In her upcoming book, The New Better Off, Courtney E. Martin explores how people are redefining the American dream with an eye toward fulfillment. Martin is a columnist for On Being, and the cofounder of the Solutions Journalism Network, Valenti Martin Media, and FRESH Speakers, as well as a strategist for the TED Prize and an editor emeritus at

In her previous book Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, she profiled eight young people doing social justice work, a fascinating look at the generation of world-changers who are now stepping up to the plate.

What others say

“In times of great disruption we are forced to question everything. Courtney Martin has taken this to heart and challenges us to reassess, rethink, and reinvent the very notion of what a ‘good life’ might be. The New Better Off is an invaluable source of insight and inspiration for those wishing to embark on one of post consumer society’s most important projects.” — Tim Brown

Courtney E. Martin’s TED talks

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