Cornelia Geppert

Artist, video game creator
Cornelia Geppert creates innovative, visually original video games that explore the depths of human emotion.

Why you should listen

Cornelia Geppert is the cofounder and creative head of Jo-Mei Games. She began her career as an illustrator and character designer for the renowned comic series Mosaik, working at Germany's largest comic publisher, Steinchen für Steinchen Verlag. In 2001, she was hired as a character designer and character sheets creator on Misson Odyssey, produced by the French cartoon production house Marathon.

Geppert recieved the first merit-based scholarship for game design at the Games Academy Berlin and joined the production of Paraworld by Spieleentwicklungskombinat GmbH as a concept, character and level artist. There she met Boris Munser and, together, they created game concepts for Ubisoft, BMW, Gazprom and Telekom.
In November 2009, Geppert and Munser cofounded Jo-Mei Games, where she supervises all artistic aspects of production, company development and public relations. She wrote, designed and provided the art direction for her latest project, Sea of Solitude, published by Electronic Arts.

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