Senior TED Fellow Constance Hockaday is an artist and an organizational development leader.

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Constance Hockaday creates public art and social sculptures that confront issues surrounding public space, political voice and belonging. She also works as an organizational development practitioner, helping companies implement tools and practices that ensure people and culture stay aligned during transformative periods of growth. This unlikely career pairing can be traced back to Hockaday's experience with the Floating Neutrinos, a family of artists who sailed around the world in handmade vessels. They taught her that she could have whatever she wanted in this life -- including two simultaneous careers in distinct areas.

Hockaday's art connects communities, inspiring them to explore their environment. In 2011, she created a floating hotel and performance space just outside New York City, aiming to connect New Yorkers to the public waterways. The project attracted over 5,000 visitors, international press and critical acclaim. Her 2014 installation in the San Francisco Bay, titled "All These Darlings and Now Us," was described by the The New York Times as a “powerful commentary on the forces of technification and gentrification roiling San Francisco.” In 2020, Hockaday launched "Artists-In-Presidents," bringing together over 50 artists to rethink how leadership is displayed. Her latest work is the "Disaster Furniture Showroom," a project staged in a furniture store, responding to our most intimate ideas about disaster and climate change.

Hockaday holds an MFA in social practice and MA in conflict resolution. Her work has been supported by a range of organizations and she's been in residence at number of arts centers. She is a Senior TED Fellow and is currently the Director of Organizational and Leadership Development at findhelp.

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