Colombe Cahen-Salvador is the cofounder of Atlas, a global campaign movement pushing for humanity to work as one to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

Why you should listen

For Colombe Cahen-Salvador, nation-states should not define how we see the world, nor how we solve the existential challenges that humanity is facing. In today's world, issues and opportunities go beyond borders and should be solved as such.

That's why Cahen-Salvador first cofounded a grassroots pan-European political party and then the global campaign movement Atlas to unite and solve shared global challenges, such as fiscal injustice, authoritarianism or climate change. Through grassroots organizing and advocacy, she works to put pressure on governments to pass into law shared solutions to those challenges. Learn more about what's needed to unite the world by listening to her podcast, The Equitist.

Colombe Cahen-Salvador’s TED talk