Christopher "moot" Poole

Founder, 4chan
Christopher "moot" Poole is founder of 4chan, an online imageboard whose anonymous denizens have spawned the web's most bewildering — and influential — subculture.

Why you should listen

Since its inception in 2003, Christopher "moot" Poole's controversial imageboard, 4chan, has gained worldwide notoriety as a breeding ground for many of the most recognizable Internet "memes" (think LOLcats). It was also the source of a high-profile hack of a mainstream media website and at least one spirited -- if morally inscrutable -- activist campaign in the real world.

Despite the server-crippling traffic it attracts, this last major enclave of the untamed Internet terrifies advertisers, and moot struggles to keep it afloat. Though you might regard much of its content as obscene or just plain weird, it's become a fixture on the fringe of the mainstream -- and a cultural force all its own.

In January 2015 Poole stepped down from 4chan after eleven and a half years as its founding administrator.

What others say

“Because of the lack of rules, 4chan has fostered an environment where there's a lot of creativity and good things coming out of it.” — Christopher "moot" Poole

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