Christina Tosi is the award-winning chef and owner of Milk Bar.

Why you should listen

Christina Tosi founded Milk Bar in 2008 in order to bake outside the lines and turn the dessert world upside down. Offering treats like layer cakes with unfrosted sides, cereal milk soft serve ice cream and "compost" cookies, she quickly won respect and awards for doing things her way. Milk Bar products are now available through 13 bakery locations throughout the United States as well as via an online care-package site and product lines in grocery stores such as Target and Whole Foods. 

Tosi is currently the host of Netflix's Bake Squad series, has been a judge on Fox's MasterChef Junior series and was the subject of an episode of the Netflix docuseries, Chef's Table. She's the author of four cookbooks: Momofuku Milk Bar (2011), Milk Bar Life: Recipes and Stories (2015), Milk Bar: All About Cake (2018) and Milk Bar: Kid’s Only (2020).

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