Chris Domas

Cybersecurity researcher
Chris Domas is an embedded systems engineer and cybersecurity researcher.

Why you should listen

Chris Domas is a cyber-security researcher at the Battelle Memorial Institute. He specializes in embedded systems reverse-engineering (RE) and vulnerability analysis, figuring out how to manipulate electronic devices. Applying this towards national security, his group develops cyber technology that protects people on the newest front of global war.

Domas graduated from Ohio State University, where he set out to take every class offered by the school. He bounced between majors in electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry, statistics, biomedical engineering, computer graphics, psychology, and linguistics, but finally ran out of money and was forced to graduate. Settling on a degree in computer science, with an irrelevant handful of minors, he joined Battelle as a cyber security researcher. Today, he strives to incorporate ideas from these disparate fields to tackle the world’s most challenging cyber problems in innovative and unexpected ways. As a result of his work, he received Battelle’s coveted 2013 Emerging Scientist and 2013 Technical Achievement awards. He continues to present research around the country, most recently at the cyber security conferences Black Hat, REcon and DerbyCon.


Chris Domas’ TED talk