Chinyanta Kabaso

Dancer, choreographer
Chinyanta Kabaso studies the roots and meanings of traditional African dance styles and performs dances from across the continent.

Why you should listen

Chinyanta Kabaso is a content creator, producer and performing artist. Dance is the creative thread woven throughout her various roles. Despite entering the creative industry from a nontraditional route, she has proven to be a creative force, choreographing, teaching and performing nationally and internationally for theaters and festivals. Her work -- both live and digital, entertaining and educational -- showcases the beauty and diversity of African culture, driving meaningful conversion while promoting unity across borders.

Born in Zambia and raised in Scotland, Kabaso is an alumna of the University of Edinburgh. She worked as a chemical engineer before fleeing to the creative industry to pursue her passion. Among her many roles, she works in dance engagement with the Scottish Ballet, Scotland's national dance company, where she is dedicated to educating and inspiring more people to dance. She is the recipient of numerous awards and art grants, including from the National Theatre of Scotland and Jerwood Arts.

(Photo: Jasmin Bauer)

Chinyanta Kabaso’s TED talk