Cesar Kuriyama shoots one second of video every day of his life, and edits them together into a montage that prompts him to think how he approaches each day.

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As a video maker, director, producer and animator Cesar Kuriyama has worked for giant clients like Hershey's, BMW, Verizon, Gillette and the NFL. But what we love about him are his personal projects -- based on his travel, his love of the arts community, and his family and friends. Imagine a movie that contains one day of your entire life ...

Play with the 1SecondEveryDay app ... and check out other people's own videos on r/OneSecondaDay.


Cesar Kuriyama’s TED talk

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Designer Max Schmidt’s Breathing Clock is a fascinating object. It doesn’t have hands — rather it inflates and deflates to show the progression of time. Schmidt tells PSFK that it’s an homage to the idea that time is relative. This invention reminds us of Scott Thrift, who spoke at last year’s TED@NYC about his seasonal […]

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As he approached his 30th birthday, artist Cesar Kuriyama noticed that time seemed to be evaporating. And thus, he began work on a project called 1 Second Everyday. “Basically, I’m recording one second of every day of my life for the rest of my life—chronologically compiling these one-second, tiny slices of my life into one […]

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson On his 30th birthday, Cesar Kuriyama quit his job in advertising. At the same time, he started a project: “One Second Every Day” for which he cuts together one second of footage from every day of his life into an ever-expanding project. We’ve seen these daily-picture kind of projects before, but […]

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