Catherine Bracy is the director of community organizing at Code for America.

Why you should listen

At Code for America, Catherine Bracy oversees the nonprofit's community network-building initiatives, including its volunteer program and international partnership program. A resident of Oakland, California, herself, she is preoccupied with bringing together local governments and technologists in a concerted effort to make better cities for everyone.

Until the end of 2012, she ran the Obama campaign's technology office in San Francisco. She also worked on outreach for Tech4Obama, the campaign's technology affinity group. Previously, she worked at the Knight Foundation where she managed the 2011 News Challenge to fund digital innovation in journalism.

What others say

“Real community engagement is unbelievably hard; if it were easy, more people would do it. Simply finding a starting point is hard. But one place we might learn from is the SF-based organization Code For America, which is a bit like a tech Peace Corps (although it primarily serves American cities).” — The Guardian

Catherine Bracy’s TED talk

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