Candis Watts Smith

Political scientist
Candis Smith is on a mission to eliminate outdated, inaccurate commonsense ideas about inequality.

Why you should listen

Candis Smith is a scholar, writer, parent, spouse, friend and a dreamer of a post-racist world and a more equitable future.

Smith has written three books that work toward this vision: Black Mosaic: The Politics of Black Pan-Ethnic Diversity, Racial Stasis: The Millennial Generation and the Stagnation of Racial Attitudes in American Politics and Stay Woke: A People's Guide to Making All Black Lives Matter

She is a political scientist at Duke University, coming back home after a ride around the country -- taking stops at Texas A&M, Williams College, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Penn State, where she fell in love with TED.

Candis Watts Smith’s TED talk

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