Bronwyn King

Oncologist, tobacco-free advocate
Dr. Bronwyn King on a mission to save a billion lives — from tobacco, the greatest preventable cause of premature death.

Why you should listen

After stumbling upon what she calls "the missing piece of global tobacco control," Dr. Bronwyn King abandoned plans for a career in medicine to start Tobacco Free Portfolios, a charity that brings the reality of tobacco into corporate boardrooms across the globe.

By working collaboratively with the global finance sector -- big banks, insurers and pension funds -- Dr. King and her team have been instrumental in major financial organizations in a dozen countries moving to tobacco-free finance, shifting more than twelve billion US dollars away from investment in tobacco. And she is just getting started.

Dr. King previously worked as Team Doctor for the Australian Swimming Team, was listed in 2014 as one of the Westpac/Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence and has received a host of medals and awards for building a bridge between the global health and finance sectors.

Bronwyn King’s TED talk

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