Bob Wiltfong is an actor, comedian and journalist who translates business jargon into everyday language.

Why you should listen

In a nutshell, Bob Wiltfong (AKA he/him/his) is a straight-talking, DIY male who likes to break down silos in multiple areas of business intel. He has 20+ years as a freelance presentation skills consultant who has worked with clients like Boeing, Johnson & Johnson and T-Mobile discussing their CAGRs, BHAGs and SEO. Coming out of college, Wiltfong was a rock star in local TV news for 10 years, winning multiple Emmys and becoming a big enchilada in the biz. After 10 years in TV news, Wiltfong decided he had bigger fish to fry, and he pivoted by upskilling his experience into a scalable career in the comedy and acting buckets. His credits include The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Chappelle's Show and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Wiltfong has recently circled back to his journalism roots by taking a position in PR and writing an Amazon best-selling book about business speak called The BS Dictionary: Uncovering the Origins and True Meanings of Business Speak.

TRANSLATION: Bob Wiltfong is a good guy with lots of experience in the business world. He has worked with a lot of companies and discussed a lot of business jargon in his work as a public speaking consultant. Wiltfong worked as a TV news reporter in the United States for a while and won some awards that made him feel important. He quit TV news to work as a comedic actor. Blah, blah, blah. Wiltfong hopes you buy his book and enjoy his TED Talk on business jargon.

Bob Wiltfong’s TED talk