Through his William J. Clinton Foundation, former US President Bill Clinton has become a vital and innovative force for world change. He works in four critical areas: health, economic empowerment, citizen service, and reconciliation.

Why you should listen

Elected President of the United States in 1992 and again in 1996, Bill Clinton left office determined to continue his life of service -- to build the kind of world he wants to hand down to his daughter. His William J. Clinton Foundation is focused on four critical areas: health security, with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS; economic empowerment; leadership development and citizen service; and racial, ethnic and religious reconciliation.

Foundation projects include working with pharmaceutical companies to lower the costs of medicines to needy areas, and, through his Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI), developing an innovative health care system that can be successful and sustainable throughout the developing world. His Clinton Global Initiative brings together world leaders to discuss the world's most pressing challenges.

In 2015, The Clinton Development Initiative partnered with Visa to help Rwandan farmers conduct business digitally, increasing their financial security and economic empowerment. 

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What others say

“Welcome to the world of the Clinton Foundation -- which, it should be said at the outset, is not a foundation at all in the traditional sense, because it has no money of its own. What it does have, of course, is Bill Clinton.” — Fortune

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