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Founder and editor, The Free Press

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A former writer and editor at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Bari Weiss now runs The Free Press, an independent media company built on the idea that honesty, doggedness and a sense of fierce independence are central to great journalism. She is the host of the Honestly podcast, which features “stories no one else is telling,” and the author of How to Fight Anti-Semitism. In 2023, Weiss and The Free Press won the Dao Prize, recognizing excellence in investigative journalism.

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Live from TED2024

Provocateurs: Notes on Session 5 of TED2024

April 17, 2024

Bold ideas often meet resistance — but what if they were met with curiosity? Session 5 of TED2024 didn’t shy away from audacious ideas. Instead, it invited us all to embrace the discomfort of considering the impossible and unfamiliar, to find the courage to step into someone else’s shoes and assume goodness in those around […]

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