Baba Shiv studies how “liking” and “wanting” shape the choices we make, and what that means in the world of marketing.

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Does a bottle of wine’s price tag price affect the pleasure one experiences in buying and drinking it? Does getting immediate feedback on a choice lead a person to doubt their decision? Does being denied something make people pursue it more hotly while simultaneously liking it less? Over his academic career, Baba Shiv has researched these questions in neuroeconomics, winning awards like the William O’Dell prize for an article that made a significant, long-term contribution to marketing theory and practice. Two of Professor Shiv's publications have received the Citation of Excellence from Emerald Management Reviews, and his research has been been featured on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and on NPR's "Radiolab," as well as in the Financial Times, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

A professor at Stanford's Graduate School of Busines , Shiv is the director of the Strategic Marketing Management Executive Program and teaches several popular MBA courses including “The Frinky Science of the Mind” and “Entrepreneurial Ventures in Luxury Markets.” He served as the editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and is also on the editorial boards of the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research.

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