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Aziz Abu Sarah is a Palestinian author, peacemaker and entrepreneur with a background in conflict resolution and tourism development. To date, he has implemented transformative education and peace initiatives across more than 65 countries, including Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and Palestine. His journey from seeking revenge for his brother's death at the hands of Israeli soldiers to becoming a peacemaker underscores a decades-long mission to foster cross-cultural understanding. The cofounder of InterAct International and MEJDI Tours and former executive director at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, Abu Sarah has pioneered innovative approaches to tourism and education that promote empathy, sustainability and bridge-building between communities. He is a TED Fellow. At TED2024, he will be speaking alongside Israeli peace activist Maoz Inon.

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Live from TED2024

Dreamers: Notes on Session 1 of TED2024

April 16, 2024

It’s time for TED! And this year’s conference marks a big year: the 40th anniversary of TED, honoring the inaugural conference in 1984. With that in mind, TED2024 kicked off with a classically eclectic opening session, ranging from a powerful conversation on how Israel and Palestine can find peace to the future of AI to […]

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Live from TED

From 3D animated molecules to tethered kite-copters: A recap of the TED2014 Fellows Talks, Session 1

March 17, 2014

With the TED Fellows, expect the unexpected: 3D animated molecules, tethered quadcopter cameras, death row inmates turned lawyers, quantum chaos. It’s the fifth-anniversary edition of TED Fellows talks, live from Vancouver, and here’s what happened in Session 1. Usman Riaz, musician + artist The Fellows stage comes to life quietly with the melodic strains of […]

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