Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, writer, climate policy expert and co-founder of the nonprofit think tank Urban Ocean Lab.

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Ayana Elizabeth Johnson co-edited the bestselling anthology All We Can Save and co-founded The All We Can Save Project, to nuture a leaderful climate community. A marine biologist by training, her policy work includes co-leading the think tank Urban Ocean Lab, co-creating the Blue New Deal and serving on the US State Department's Foreign Affairs Policy Board.

Johnson co-created and co-hosted Spotify's flagship climate podcast How to Save a Planet, and her forthcoming book is titled What if We Get It Right?: Visions of Climate Futurism. Johnson publishes widely, including in The New York Times, The Washington Post and Scientific American, and she serves on the boards of Patagonia, GreenWave and the Environmental Voter Project. She was named one of the TIME 100 leaders for 2021, listed among Elle's 27 Women Leading on Climate and won the Schneider Award for climate communication.

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