At XponentialWorks, Avi Reichental is helping to imagine a future where 3D scanning-and-printing is an everyday act — where food, clothing and objects are routinely output at home.

Why you should listen

Avi Reichental is the founder and CEO of XponentialWorks, a venture, advisory and product development company specializing in 3D printing and other exponential technologies. From 2003-2015, he was the CEO of 3D Systems, transforming the company into a global leader in the field of rapid prototyping. He envisions a 3D printer in every house.

Reichental holds numerous leadership positions at a range of 3D printing companies, including founder and CEO of Nexa 3D; chairman of Nano Dimension; and co-founder and executive chairman of NXT Factory. 

Read his thought leadership articles at ForbesFortuneTechCrunch and Money Inc. and check out his video library.


Avi Reichental’s TED talk