Ashley M. Grice

Purpose expert
Ashley M. Grice believes in the power of wonder and unconventional thinking to disrupt industries and the status quo.

Why you should listen

Ashley M. Grice began her career at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, where she answered questions and questioned answers, and parlayed her experience there into work at the digital strategy and development firm Genex, where she helped pioneer the digital marketing era by shepherding financial institutions into the digital space.  

After returning to school to earn her MBA, Grice joined BrightHouse for the first time, fascinated by purpose and how it could radically transform organizations and people. She later returned to Genex (now owned by Meredith Corp.) to lead large-scale digital development projects and companies' first leaps into social media. Following Meredith, she served as chief client officer of Iris Worldwide. Five years and several award-winning concepts later, she rejoined BrightHouse as CEO, where she led its growth in capabilities, size and bold thinking. She holds a bachelor's degree from Princeton University as well as a master's of public health and an MBA from Emory University.

Ashley M. Grice’s TED talk

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