Aparna Mehta

Global supply chain leader
UPS's Aparna Mehta works with the top-tier retail customers to develop innovative, profitable solutions that enhance customer experiences.

Why you should listen

The exponential rise of e-commerce has changed the way we shop and driven retailers to offer things like "hassle-free" returns policy, to keep up with customer expectations. But what's the true cost of these returns to our planet? This was a life-changing question for Aparna Mehta, who went from being a serial returner of online purchases to finding a solution to mitigate returns.

As a Global Solutions Director at UPS, Mehta is skilled at assessing business processes to develop innovative solutions that are profitable and enhance customer experiences. She has been engaged with inspiring teams to peak performance and develop future leaders for more than two decades. She holds two master's degrees: an MBA and a master's in applied computer science from Illinois State University. In her personal time, she's on the leadership team for Ellevate, a professional networking group for women aimed at reducing the wage gap.

Aparna Mehta’s TED talk