Aparna Bharadwaj

Global consumer strategist
Aparna Bharadwaj seeks to understand consumers' authentic selves — how they feel, think and make decisions.

Why you should listen

Aparna Bharadwaj is a student of global consumer behavior and a lifelong marketing and sales practitioner. Currently, she is a Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group and leads BCG's Center for Customer Insight globally, with teams in more than 50 countries. She cares about understanding consumers at the deepest level and believes they are often a silent, but critical, stakeholder in major business decisions. In particular, she is fascinated by the diversity this world has to offer. She seeks patterns among consumers around the world -- in how they feel, what they believe in and how they make trade-offs when they buy things.

Bharadwaj comes from a variety of upbringings, spending her childhood in Iran, her teenage years in India and working life in India, the US and ASEAN. This gave her an appreciation of global cultures and connections across boundaries. Currently based in Singapore, she works with clients across various consumer industries, bringing more than 20 years of experience in growth strategy, customer analytics, consumer insights, route to market, sales and distribution excellence, operational excellence and portfolio analysis. Prior to BCG, she held several leadership roles at Coca-Cola, including brand management, sales, insights and trade marketing.

Aparna Bharadwaj’s TED talk

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