Anushka Ratnayake

Poverty fighter
Founder and CEO of myAgro, Anushka Ratnayake and her team work with rural farmers to help them move themselves out of poverty.

Why you should listen

Anushka Ratnayake has worked in rural Africa since mid-2008 and founded myAgro in 2011 to help smallholder farmers increase their food security. Through the use of digital financial tools such as layaway, the community can use mobile phones to purchase small amounts of seeds and fertilizer. myAgro currently supports more than 115,000 farmers in Mali, Senegal and Tanzania; they plan to reach one million farmers in the next five years.

An early employee of, Ratnayake previously worked at One Acre Fund. A 2018 Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, she is also a winner of the Skoll Award for social entrepreneurship.

Anushka Ratnayake’s TED talk

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