Cooperative enthusiast Anu Puusa wants to spread the word about co-ops — and their potential as a sustainable business model that achieves long-term social, economic and environmental goals.

Why you should listen

Anu Puusa works as a Professor of Management and the deputy head of department at the University of Eastern Finland Business School. Her research focuses on cooperatives, organizational identity and change and work-community skills. In 2016, Suomen Ekonomit granted her the National Finnish Business School Graduates teaching award. She has published five textbooks, numerous journal articles and other publications. She is an experienced organizational speaker. Puusa is a board member at Cooperatives Europe, Pellervo Coop Center and Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuskauppa. She is happily married and lives in Finland with her two daughters.

Anu Puusa’s TED talk

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