Anna Piperal is a branding expert and digital enthusiast who strives to spread the idea of a "zero-bureaucracy" government ecosystem.

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As an ambassador for e-Estonia -- Estonia's virtual initiative to simplify citizen interactions with the state -- Anna Piperal seeks to share the benefits of technology and facilitate good governance and public well-being around the world.

Piperal seeks to convince world government leaders to implement technology wisely in order to create of transparency and efficiency, save costs and gradually increase citizens' trust. She has spoken to thousands of decision-makers -- including presidents, ministers and kings -- at the e-Estonia Showroom and international conventions. She explores new ideas that could reboot the world as a better, bureaucracy-free space. Piperal led the branding of e-Estonia, supported the introduction of Estonian blockchain in the EU and led the project building VR-Estonia, a virtual reality platform allowing anyone to dive into Estonian digital reality.

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