Anindya Kundu

Sociologist, educator, writer
TED Resident Anindya Kundu is reframing our notions of achievement and ability through his sociological research, which suggests all students can succeed if provided the right support systems.

Why you should listen

Anindya Kundu studies the potential of human agency to help people create positive change in their lives. His research involves learning how students can navigate around personal, social and institutional challenges to succeed. Kundu's book Achieving Agency is forthcoming.

At NYU, Kundu has taught the course, "American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education," originally designed by achievement gap scholar, Dr. Pedro Noguera. Kundu was the 2017 recipient of the NYU "Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award." He also teaches high school students storytelling through The Moth in New York City.

Kundu frequently contributes to public discourse on education. His work has appeared in NPR Education, MSNBC and Huffington Post. Kundu says, "There is intellectual talent going uncultivated and unnoticed in our communities. If we remember education is our greatest public responsibility, we can better tackle the social problems that lie ahead, together."

Anindya Kundu’s TED talk