As leader of CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education), Angie Murimirwa is determined to remove the considerable hurdles faced by schoolgirls in Africa seeking an education.

Why you should listen

Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa (née Mugwendere) was one of the first girls in Africa to receive support from CAMFED to go to school. She is now CAMFED Executive Director (Africa), overseeing their mission to support girls to learn, thrive and lead change.

Murimirwa is a founding member of the CAMFED Association (CAMA), a pan-African network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support. Members are united by a shared background of poverty and the determination to secure every girl's right to quality education. They are stepping up as a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs in their communities, their nations and the world.

Angie Murimirwa’s TED talk

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