Anastasia (Stacy) Penright is a corporate business initiatives consultant with Wells Fargo by day and a community leader by night.

Why you should listen

Throughout her career, Anastasia Penright has found ways to incorporate service into her life. She started out by volunteering with local organizations, feeding the hungry, teaching financial literacy and mentoring young students, among other activities. In 2015, recognizing an unaddressed need, Penright created the nonprofit Respect MyVoice, which offers free community educational seminars devoted to building wealth, personal branding, health and wellness, and communication. She has been in Houston for more than a decade, by way of New Orleans.

Anastasia Penright’s TED talk

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February 6, 2020

World-changing ideas that unearth solutions and ignite progress can come from anywhere. With that spirit in mind at TED@WellsFargo, thirteen speakers showcased how human empathy and problem-solving can combine with technology to transform lives (and banking) for the better. The event: TED@WellsFargo, a day of thought-provoking talks on topics including how to handle challenging situations […]

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