Amanda Little

Author, journalist, professor
Amanda Little is a professor of journalism and science writing at Vanderbilt University.

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Amanda Little is the author of The Fate of Food: What We'll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World, a five-year adventure into the lands, minds and machines shaping the future of sustainable food. She has a particular fondness for far-flung and hard-to-stomach reporting that takes her to ultradeep oil rigs, down manholes, into sewage plants and inside monsoon clouds. She has written about energy, technology and the environment for the New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Wired, Rolling Stone and She has interviewed notable figures, like Barack Obama and Lindsey Graham, and has been interviewed by journalists, including Terri Gross and Fareed Zakaria

Read a selection of Little's op-eds in Bloomberg Opinion: "Trump's Beef Gambit Is Easy Pickings for Biden and Harris"; "Diseased Chicken for Dinner? The USDA Is Considering It" and "Racial Inequities in Food Go Far Beyond Insidious Branding."

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October 29, 2020

In a time that feels unsettled and uncertain, technology and those who create it will play a crucial role in what’s coming next. How do we define that future, as opposed to letting it define us? At a special TED Salon held as part of the Dell Technologies World conference and hosted by TED’s Simone […]

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