TED Fellow Alicia Eggert is an artist making words into sculptures, often in the form of flashing neon signs.

Why you should listen

Alicia Eggert's work gives material form to language and time, the powerful but invisible forces that shape our realities. Her sculptures often co-opt the form and structure of commercial signs, drawing inspiration from physics and philosophy to communicate messages that spark reflection and wonder. 

Eggert creates flashing neon signs that both illuminate the way light travels across space and time and reveal the relationship between reality and possibility. They have been installed on building rooftops in Philadelphia, bridges in Amsterdam and uninhabited islands in Maine. Like navigational signs, Eggert's artwork asks us to recognize where we are now as individuals and as a society, to identify where we want to be in the future -- and to imagine the routes we can take to get there.

Alicia Eggert’s TED talk

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Conceptual artist Alicia Eggert uses words as found objects in her sculptural art — a body of work that serves as an ongoing investigation of time. Here, she tells us about taking her neon piece “You are (on) an island” to various locations in the world, shares how childhood experiences in South Africa sparked her […]

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