Columnist and author Alice Rawsthorn illuminates the mesh of design woven into every aspect of our everyday lives and communities.

Why you should listen

As a columnist for Frieze and a writer for the International New York Times, Alice Rawsthorn explores the world of design, seeking projects that fit their function "while also being responsible, ethically and environmentally, and desirable." In 2015, Rawsthorn launched a daily Instagram diary to demonstrate how social media could enrich the collective conversation on design.

In her acclaimed book Hello World: Where Design Meets Life, Rawsthorn demonstrates the influence and impact of design on our lives and culture. She is active with various arts organizations, including London's Chisenhale Gallery and Michael Clark's contemporary dance company (where she chairs the boards of trustees).

What others say

“Alice Rawsthorn (is) the one, the only, the best design critic in the entire world.” — Paola Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design. Museum of Modern Art, New York

Alice Rawsthorn’s TED talk